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We give some of our profits back to the community by educating the handicapped and the marginalized about crafts making.

We help the marginalized to relieve their stress and tension when they make crafts using a sensational material.

Also, we can suggest an alternative plan to develop self-esteem , self-control, and social adaptation.

We also cultivate social habits in the marginalized and help them develop their physical condition by making crafts.

EO Dream faculty works hard to prepare the lessons with pleasure to support the handicapped and the marginalized in building their career in order to be provided with the benefits of making crafts by hand.

In order to live together, we offer these educational programs.
If you are interested in any of the programs below, please call us without hesitation.
The Education of Job Hunting Making positions for the handicapped and the marginalized to support open online market.
Free Education for the Neglected Neglected people (The Handicapped, The Single-Parent Family, Multicultural Family, Lower-Income Group)
Accessories Manufacturing, Business Activities Teaching them how to make handmade products and helping them engage in business activities.