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We are the leading company in working hard to create a harmonious society, a happy society and a world where all people can live together productively and peacefully.

EO Dream is as social enterprise, we make a great effort to gain trust and acknowledgement among our customers. By providing a work place to a vulnerable social group who are suitable for accessory market environment, they can become self-reliant and independent. This will make a strong social contribution.
We've grown as a social enterprise by designing remarkable products with great work effort of the disabled, a vulnerable social group. It is through their hard work and dedication that our products are of such high quality.

Our company has been noted as a reliable company because we have been doing our best to create a harmonious society, both domestically, as well as, overseas. We have tried to get acknowledgement of artistic, technical value, and have returned our profits to our society. That is our pledge as a social enterprise company, that this will continue return all profits to our society to assist the disabled population.